Why is WordPress the Best CMS for SEO?

Acquiring traffic through SEO is arguably the most important goal of any website. Choosing the right CMS has long-reaching implications on virtually every aspect of your website, especially your marketing potential.

Whether you are a web developer or have a stake in a website as a business owner, wouldn’t you want to make sure you are using the best CMS to make sure your SEO needs are being met?

The development of your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy, and by selecting WordPress as your CMS, you are building the foundation for proper SEO.

Hopefully, after reading this through, you’ll have a better understanding of the main features that make WordPress the most powerful tool for designing marketable websites.

Power In Numbers

When it comes to software, having more users means a publisher has more reason to update the platform and keep it safe and secure. As of April 2016, WordPress accounts for 26.3% all the websites in the world, and of websites that use a CMS, 59.2% of the time a webmaster will choose to run WordPress.

Deciding to use WordPress as your CMS means you will be first in line for software patches and you’ll be joining a large community of users asking probably the same questions you might have.

One Click WordPress Installation

Ease of Use and Native Functionality

It’s no surprise why WordPress has attracted a loyal following. It features powerful, out of the box functionality, a never-ending list of themes and plugins, and setting it up is straightforward and famous for its 5-minute installation process.

  • Effortless one-click installation through most hosts
  • Built-in blogging platform with categories and tags
  • Search Engine Friendly and Human-Friendly ‘Permalink’ URLs
  • Media library with custom image size images and ALT texts
  • Extensive settings for customizing nearly every element of your website

User Interface and User Experience

By basing your site’s overall design on a central theme, WordPress makes it easy to stick to a design pattern and replicate content with minimal editing. Simply choose your color scheme, fonts, and design away.

Many themes come with responsive design baked in, allowing you to build the site once and have it display seamlessly on desktop and mobile without additional coding or mobile subdomains.

That feature alone can make having a WordPress site extremely attractive, given that nearly half of all web users are now surfing on their mobile phone.

Premium Themes

If you are going to be building a WordPress site, then you might want to invest in a premium theme. Most themes are cost accessible for a business and the features more than make up for the price tag.

Between the time they save you creating the site and the tangible quality increase compared to a free theme, you won’t regret it one bit. It is a great starting point since they come with demo content so you can prototype what you’d want your site to look like.

You could spend ages looking for the perfect theme, then again, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a theme that catches your eye. There are plenty of developers that exclusively work on making quality themes.

There are some premium themes that really stand out there really make. Here we put together a list of our favorite premium themes for WordPress.

They include an expansive list of features and, where you can assemble predesigned modules into letting you design any type of site and have it all come together in a visually stunning interface.

Divi Premium WordPress Theme


The fact that WordPress sites are built off themes doesn’t mean that’s you have to blend in with the crowds. Because of its core HTML/CSS foundations, WordPress can undergo drastic changes in its look and feel if you know or are willing to learn how to make custom edits.

Most themes allow and encourage you to use custom CSS and there are lots of plugins you can install to edit the CSS in your dashboard instead of the editing and uploading files via FTP.

Plugins and Extensibility

A huge consideration when building any piece of software should be its extensibility. WordPress has attracted the attention of countless 3rd party developers who have published 52,394 and counting free and paid plugins that can transform almost any aspect of your site.

You’ll notice Jetpack can do just about everything on the list, but we added specific power user plugins to help you show off all your knowledge and attention to detail.

Yoast Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Plugin

Search Engine Optimization

The Yoast plugin is known by many as the cornerstone of WordPress SEO efforts and for good reason. It comes with so many features that give you the ability to choose how your site appears in the search engines and gives you the blueprint to proper on-page optimization.

  • Focus keyword optimization inside of page/post editor
  • Instant Category and Tag Pages
  • Instant XML Sitemap
  • Easy of integration of Analytics & Webmaster Tools to monitor errors
  • Metadata editor
  • Premium version lets you apply redirects
  • Premium version lets you track multiple keywords

Social Sharing Extensions

WordFence WordPress Security Plugin

Security & Spam Blockers

Because of anonymity and The online world has become a playground for malicious activity. Because there are many sites that run WordPress, spammers and hackers have high incentives to infiltrate them since a lot of sites run the similar code.

Site Statistics and Analytics

Google Analytics tracking code can easily be added to a WordPress site and usually does not require experience with HTML. Also, plugins like Jetpack will send you an email to let you know when your site is down so you can take appropriate action.

  • Google Analytics
  • Jetpack by Automattic
WooCommerce eCommerce WordPress Solution


We highly recommend WooCommerce: the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives you complete control to sell anything. It will let you build the online store of your dreams with any easy setup process and you have ownership of just about everything.

Newsletters & Emails

Keeping your clients engaged with all that’s new with your business is a great way to keep those return visitors high and keep existing customers happy. Email is still one of the best ways to keep in touch and get more from those return visitors.

  • Bloom by Elegant Themes
  • MailChimp
  • MadMini

Performance Enhancing Plugins

Make sure your site is running with the best performance available so you can make sure loading times are optimal and your site is technically sound.

  • Image Optimization and Size Reduction
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Backups
  • CDN

Contact Forms

People need to get in touch with you to buy your product or service right? Why not skip over the phone call or email and add a custom self-hosted contact form to your website? You can tweak it to add the necessary text fields and integrate it into the UX so it looks like part of the site.

Is it time you upgraded your website to WordPress?

Chad Kodary

Chad Kodary is the founder and CEO of Social Agency, a South Florida based digital marketing agency. Servicing a wide variety of vertical markets, Chad and his team have successfully branded and optimized thousands of businesses nationwide. Over the years, Chad and his team have developed strategic partnership agreements with hundreds of media based firms. Offering an effective SEO partner program, Chad and his team have created a white-labeled approach to outsourcing SEO.

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