The Future of Local SEO

Here at Social Agency, we are always researching new ways to improve our client’s businesses. While we offer on-site SEO as well as social media management, there is a service we offer that drastically increases local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is how your business is optimized to compete in the local market. Many enterprises are simply brick-and-mortar locations without an online presence. While this is great for bringing in foot traffic, there is an ocean of untapped customers that remains inaccessible.

Local SEO takes this business and makes them present on the search engines. While on-page optimization and a website geared towards local SEO is helpful, the future of local SEO is with Google MyBusiness.

Google MyBusiness

“Google MyBusiness Local Listing is the main platform for a businesses’ Maps, Search and G+. We provide Google page optimization for exposure of your company brand. If your company information ( n.a.p ) and services are relevant to what people are searching you will have traffic on your Google listing.”Danny Gonzalez, Head of Brand Management Department

What makes Google MyBusiness so great is the fact that it puts you on the first page of Google when people search locally. With more than 70% of users making mobile searches, everyone is looking for places nearby. The Google MyBusiness pages place you on Google Maps and feature sidebar listing on a desktop.

Our Google MyBusiness service streamlines the validation process for you. By working closely with Google, we establish your business to Google’s guidelines. From there we optimize your MyBusiness listing to appear ahead of competitor’s regarding keyword relevancy.

Additionally, we confirm that all of your business information is 100% correct so that no miscommunications occur between customers and businesses.

How the Process Works

  1. We contact you and validate the on-hand business information.

    We use your phone to complete the process with a 6-digit pin code sent as a text or call.

  2. Next, complete a 2-step phone verification to ensure your companies information is secure on Google.
  3. While we are optimizing your page, Google will now need verification that the address provided is yours.

    The best way to validate your location is with a postcard that takes 10-14 Business days to arrive at your location.

    Once you receive the postcard, you need to call or e-mail us the code within the card so we can get your page live on Google.

  4. Once we have received the 6-digit code, your page is validated and your listing can finish development.
  5. Once we have the validated information and code, we can get you up-and-running with Google MyBusiness!

Additionally, we will customize your page and it will show up on Google Maps and you will receive a Google+ Page as well.

Brand Management

A separate service we offer is known as Brand Management. We are often asked what the difference between Brand Management and Google MyBusiness is, the answer is simple.

Google MyBusiness

“We take the optimized profile for your MyBusiness page and we put it on over 70 different listings websites.”Danny Gonzalez

When people want to sign up for Brand Management, they are getting the chance to dominate the local market on 70 different websites from Angie’s List to the Yellow Pages.

Social Agency

If you own a small business and are either unlisted or struggling with local SEO, contact us. We have been advocates for internet marketing for several years and constantly work our hardest to get our clients to the top of the search results.

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