So, you have finally done it, you have your online business up and running, you have clients that love your product, you have it all; but how do you keep this going?

When it comes to ensuring that the momentum of your online business is continuously ascending you will need to make sure that your site is up to date, and organized correctly.

One thing many people forget to do after they have their new site up and running is to go back and check it over again. You will be surprised what you missed a fresh set of eyes has taken a look at your completed work.

Here are some post-launch website maintenance activities you may want to achieve.

Check Your Site’s Speed & Server Response Time

You may find out that your website’s speed, specifically page loadings, are not quite what you want.

You can have the rate improved by the company that helped build your site, or you can do it yourself with a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom’s Website Speed Test.

Implementing the improvements that these tools suggest will assist you in the improvement of your’s load time and will help you rank higher in search engines.

Check Your Images

You want to make sure that your images are loading correctly, that they are the correct size, and that you have not mistakenly uploaded duplicates of pictures. Ideally, you would use a program like Adobe Photoshop to optimize all of your images for web, but a WordPress plugin like WP SMUSH developed by WPMU DEV will assist you in optimizing your images using advanced lossless compression techniques.

Double Checking Your Site’s Content

Getting all of your site’s content up and ready may have caused you to overlook something. It is always good to review material with a fresh pair of eyes as to better identify any issues, such as misspelled words, improper grammar, or business information is incorrect.

View Your Site On Multiple Devices

In this world of technology, there are quite a few ways to view a business’ website. That being said, the site may not translate appropriately to these devices well, prompting customers to avoid using their more readily available methods, specifically their phone, to navigate your site.

Go back and double check to make sure your site is coming through swimmingly on these other internet mediums.

Get Noticed by the Web Crawlers

Do not worry; these spiders are not venomous, these are the kind of web crawlers you want noticing you, they are internet bits that systematically browse the internet, typically for web indexing purposes. They are used by search engines to perform optimization searches and helping the engines rank sites better.

A Dynamic XML Sitemap like ours (Generated by the Yoast SEO plugin) helps these web crawlers more efficiently determine your site’s structure, and better rank you.

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