What You Should Know About Digital Advertising for 2018

It’s a new year, and it is time to get your business advertisement up and running. With this being the case, the digital world is where everyone should be looking to get the most out of advertising for their business.

But you may be saying to yourself “But I’ve never used the internet to advertise before, how can I use it to advertise on properly? I should just give up.”, well, do not lose faith yet as we are here to advise on how to advertise on the internet.

The State of Digital Advertising

Use Digital Ads to Aid

Watching a video, or listening to the audio of something can help incentivize people into wanting to buy your product. This can show how your product works and reassure the quality of your goods.

Hyperlocal Advertising

Utilize the apps, data collectors and media companies that make your physical location available to ad companies. This will assist those living in the more immediate vicinity to be able to see your location physically. This may not seem like a big deal, but this allows for a kind of legitimacy to your business.

Mobile Advertising

Making your advertisement available on mobile devices is key to becoming more recognized, as almost everyone has access to a mobile device in their daily life. Utilize the advertisement potential of apps, or mobile ordering for your products.

Utilizing the Open Web

Do not forget to use this untapped market, as the open web is far-reaching and home to your favorite blogs, news sites, etc.

Your Competitors are Doing It

The truth is, your competitors will continue to turn to digital advertising to increase awareness, influence the buyer’s consideration process, close new customers and nurture relationships with existing customers because digital advertising is scalable, accessible, affordable and robust.

As you plan for 2018, consider doing the same.

Is a Facebook PPC Campaign Worth it?

When it comes to advertising, technology has always played a vital part in its dispersal and attainability. From flyers saying the local hardware store is having a sale, to pop-up ads appearing on your phone, technology has made advertising so much more readily available.

It did not take long for companies to realize the value of utilizing social media platforms to get themselves noticed. This led to Facebook offering its “Pay-Per-Click” or PPC campaigns.

This being said, being wary of something new is understandable, so we are here to go through what exactly a Facebook PPC campaign is, and if it is worth it.

What is a Facebook PPC?

Let us go over what exactly this is. A Facebook PPC is a form of advertising in which a company pays Facebook Advertising only when the ad is clicked. Based on the audience or keyword selected, the company advertising will pay X amount each time their ad is clicked.

This cost is determined by how many people you can reach, and how competitive the audience is. These ads can be used in a variety of spots on Facebook; this includes both desktop and mobile newsfeeds, the sidebar, and the audience network.

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Large Audience – Facebook has over 2 billion members, with more and more people signing on every day. With such a high rate of traffic, this will allow for even higher viewing of a company’s advertisement.

Extensive Analytics – It allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your advertisement in real-time by using many metrics available in Facebook ads manager.

Variety – The phenomenon known as “Ad Blindness” occurs very often online. This is when consumers have learned to tune out content where they feel like they are being sold to. Facebook’s visual platform can more easily combat this by creating attention-grabbing ads.

Proven Return on Investment – With regular updates on its algorithms to ensure that the right ads reach the right people, Facebook’s Return on Investment (ROI) is very high. Facebook ads have shown a 9.21% conversion rate across all industries.

Is it Worth it?

When it comes down to it, does the advertisement offer a higher investment than the cost of it?

If the answer is yes, then it makes sense that the advertisement is worth it. Though this seems more reliant on the traffic the ad receives, with Facebook being so accessible means that the ad will be seen by more people in a controlled environment.

With such high promise already recorded, it is pretty easy to see why Facebook PPC may be worth it.

5 Reasons Why You Need a PPC or Paid Ad Manager

Facebook & Google Care About Quality

If you are considering paid advertising for your business, you’ve probably got a lot of thoughts going through your head. You probably are figuring out these systems for the first time, figuring out how much you want to spend and how much you want to gain.

But before you start seeing dollar bills floating in front of your eyes, we suggest you take a moment to read about a PPC Manager.

What is a PPC Manager?

A PPC manager is someone who manages your paid advertisements for you. While you set your budget, they will be creating all of the assets and materials you would need for a successful ad campaign.

What do they know?

How would a PPC manager know your business and trade better than you? In short, we don’t, and that’s the point. You know your business better than anyone, and paid marketing is our business.

If you’ve ever watched a movie or spoken to a salesperson about selling they will always tell you that selling isn’t actually about the product, it’s about the consumer.

That side of the business is exactly what we handle and how we do our jobs. We combine the people who want to buy your product with the salesman approach of a cold reading.

Our experience and sales savvy can help you save tons of money and time from costly mistakes and rookie ideas.

Five Reasons Why You Need A PPC Manager

The User Experience

One of the most common problems that we see novice PPC campaigners doing is filling their pages and ads with needless content.

Content is the words on the ad and the information on the page that the users will land on. Since Google and Facebook are both trying to create the optimal user experience, they want to deliver the right answer for the customer.

If you are creating landing pages or advertisements that have any of the following, you’re in for a bad time:

  • Useless or Unclear Content
  • Redirection to an Unsafe Website
  • Redirection to a Page that isn’t Advertised
  • Flat-Out Bad Content

1. Quality Score – Quality Scores are the numerical value of your page. When Facebook and Google check your page, they want to ensure the optimal experience, or they will charge you more for a poorly created ad. Our PPC Managers know how to create ads that adhere to the quality score and converts people into paying customers.

Choosing Your Demographic

Who is your Audience? Who are the people who will most likely purchase your goods or service? If any of these questions seem foreign to you, then you definitely need to hire our PPC manager. But why is it so important to you?

Demographics are ways of segmenting your audience based on personal interests, age, race, financial disposition, and much more. There are countless quantities that determine every person on the planet.

The secret to great marketing is knowing the market that will definitely buy your product no matter what and identify the market that has yet to realize they desire your product.

2. Targeted Marketing and Demographic Hacks – PPC managers will know these demographics and target their marketing campaigns accordingly. Not only will they be capable of finding the ideal demographic, but they will be able to lower your cost per click due to the segmented market they are going for.

Getting in their Head

The Laws of Attraction. Getting a good quality score and finding the precise market for your product won’t do anything if you can’t get them to buy the product. For moments like these, you need great marketing copy for your product.

Great copywriters know exactly what everyone likes to do. Everyone likes to follow the rules and find patterns in things. From eating a five-course meal to watching a movie, there is a flow and a rhythm in everything we do.

3. Professionally Written Copy – A great copywriter can create content on the page that will make people want to buy your product. Every market is different, every customer wants something else, but we will tap into that and give them what they want, your business.

Full-Time Dedication

Paid Marketing is a job. From managing the minutiae of your dollar to tweaking the copy on the fly, there are many steps that go in between your investment to your return.

While it might seem something, you can do at the moment. It is suggested to check on and monitor your campaigns multiple times throughout a day and when you are running a full-time business that can be a huge investment that digs into your monetary investment.

4. A Manager Who Specializes in You – PPC managers will monitor the information for you. Your campaign is about generating leads. But if you’re too worn out or pulled between different areas to close the leads that are brought to you then you’re just wasting your money.

Honest Reporting

Sometimes things don’t work. The tiniest things can affect people’s desire to buy things and be able to objectively observe these reports and deliver information is everything.

There are countless trends, special events, personal investments, chronological impediments, and more that only honest and clear reporting can reveal.

5. Flexibility and Experience – With a PPC manager, we have the flexibility and experience to roll with the hits that a campaign can throw your way. If your campaign is not delivering the results that you want, we can edit and alter the campaign to deliver higher results in a shorter time period than an inexperienced user.

Save Money, Save Time

Have you ever had to fix something on your car and relied on outside information to make it happen? I remember just a few weeks ago I was changing the battery on my car.

I started at night around 9 P.M. and through amateurish circumstances didn’t finish till around 2 P.M. the next day. Between getting the wrong battery size, finding the right tools, getting the help of a friend, rummaging through forums and watching countless videos, I was able to change the battery.

I ended up spending more money than if I had just gone to my mechanic in the first place.

Anyone has the ability to run a PPC campaign. That doesn’t mean that everyone should be running PPC campaigns.

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