Freshening Up Your Website

So, you have finally done it, you have your online business up and running, you have clients that love your product, you have it all; but how do you keep this going?

When it comes to ensuring that the momentum of your online business is continuously ascending you will need to make sure that your site is up to date, and organized correctly.

One thing many people forget to do after they have their new site up and running is to go back and check it over again. You will be surprised what you missed a fresh set of eyes has taken a look at your completed work.

Here are some post-launch website maintenance activities you may want to achieve.

Check Your Site’s Speed & Server Response Time

You may find out that your website’s speed, specifically page loadings, are not quite what you want.

You can have the rate improved by the company that helped build your site, or you can do it yourself with a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, and Pingdom’s Website Speed Test.

Implementing the improvements that these tools suggest will assist you in the improvement of your’s load time and will help you rank higher in search engines.

Check Your Images

You want to make sure that your images are loading correctly, that they are the correct size, and that you have not mistakenly uploaded duplicates of pictures. Ideally, you would use a program like Adobe Photoshop to optimize all of your images for web, but a WordPress plugin like WP SMUSH developed by WPMU DEV will assist you in optimizing your images using advanced lossless compression techniques.

Double Checking Your Site’s Content

Getting all of your site’s content up and ready may have caused you to overlook something. It is always good to review material with a fresh pair of eyes as to better identify any issues, such as misspelled words, improper grammar, or business information is incorrect.

View Your Site On Multiple Devices

In this world of technology, there are quite a few ways to view a business’ website. That being said, the site may not translate appropriately to these devices well, prompting customers to avoid using their more readily available methods, specifically their phone, to navigate your site.

Go back and double check to make sure your site is coming through swimmingly on these other internet mediums.

Get Noticed by the Web Crawlers

Do not worry; these spiders are not venomous, these are the kind of web crawlers you want noticing you, they are internet bits that systematically browse the internet, typically for web indexing purposes. They are used by search engines to perform optimization searches and helping the engines rank sites better.

A Dynamic XML Sitemap like ours (Generated by the Yoast SEO plugin) helps these web crawlers more efficiently determine your site’s structure, and better rank you.

5 Mistakes New Online Businesses Should Avoid

It is an exciting prospect; you are prepping your online business to take off finally. But this is your first outing into the world of online business and are unsure as to what to do, or more importantly what to avoid, to be successful.

To ensure that you are prepared for such an auspicious event we at Social Agency would like to give you some tips on some mistakes that should be avoided for your new business venture to take off running.

What Business Tactics Should You Avoid

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Being in control and making sure everything is going off without a hitch is vital for a new business owner, but be sure you stay in power. Putting all of your focus on your new logo or your business cards not looking exactly how you wanted, though annoying do not require too much of your time. You should be focusing on tasks that your business needs to be completed to push itself forward.
  2. Be careful with your money – Though you are planning on making quite the return with your online business taking off and elevating you to new heights of income and business prestige, remember your current financial standings. Make sure you have a plan for recovering the funds you put into your company start-up.
  3. Too many “Free Samples” – Though it may seem like the right way to rope in potential clientele you want to be careful when it comes to giving out free samples. They may be free for others, for you they are another piece of merchandise that cost you money.
  4. Not understanding the time and effort – Do not underestimate the amount of time and effort it will take not only to get your online business off the ground but the attention you will have to devote to it to keep it afloat. Additional jobs will take the focus away from your new business needs from you.
  5. Having someone else run your online business – This is your business. You need to be in charge, hands-on and be the first person to do anything within the company. You should be the one deciding the company’s agendas, vendors, schedules, etc.

Starting up a new company is not easy, and will require a lot of attention, effort, and it may seem like you cannot do it. But you need to push through these doubts, nothing ever worth having will come easy.

Cryptocurrency & Internet Marketing

Cryptocurrency is Booming in Public Awareness

Chances are you know someone who has been harking about how cryptocurrencies are the future of currency. You’ve seen the high cost of bitcoin and second-guessed a lot of your early life investments just like the rest of us.

But this isn’t an article attempting to convince you of thing you should already know; this article is to show you how the popularity of cryptocurrencies will change the landscape of Internet Marketing.

How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?

The best way to explain cryptocurrencies is to explain standard currencies and how crypto inverts the concept.

Foundation of Value

Less than one hundred years ago, we were doing things by the ‘gold standard.’ This means that the amount of printed money a nation had was represented by the amount of Gold they had acquired.

Next came Fiat currency. Nations had as much money as they said they had because the nation had other means of establishing their worth. The prevalence of the Internet, celebrity, valid markets and better economies are some of the reasons why America has such a strong economy while not having a standard national value as is typically represented through trade routes and high-valued goods.

Cryptocurrencies foundation of value comes from Mining, transactions, and a public ledger. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin work by having a ceiling of worth (somewhere in the area of 21,000,000 for Bitcoin.)

Then Bitcoin acting through an automated, public ledger, will allow transactions of bitcoins to happen every 10 minutes until 2016 ‘blocks’ have been mined. This is an important concept known as block chaining.

When blocks are linked together, it strengthens the value of the public ledger, and the overall value of the cryptocurrency goes up as the system validates itself.

Blocks can be mined, or they can be traded since Bitcoin is such as hotly traded item, it is more common for blocks to be traded than mine, which counts as part of the public ledger.

Methods of Acquisition

In the early days, you were paid in a currency for doing a job or through acquiescing it through trade. If you value something at a set currency, you would either acquire it through trading or outright payment.

For cryptocurrencies, the most popular option is through trade and the public ledger. You cannot freely exchange cryptocurrencies unless you do it through the public ledger, so even if you were paying someone for their work, they would not receive it unless it went through the block chaining channels.

This makes the exchange of currency much closer to stock exchanges than typical trade and with added security since most of these coins will be individually traceable.

Practicality of Scale

The gold standard had it where you could only have as much money as was assessed on a national level in correspondence with the amount of gold the nation had. That is clear; you have 1 billion in gold, you can exchange 1 billion in your paper money.

When Fiat currency came, it became harder to assess the value of a dollar. If you add too much, the value goes down, add too little and the value goes up, but it’s harder to circulate. Currently, there are four trillion dollars in circulation after 2008 and the housing market crash.

Cryptocurrencies have a ceiling for whole ‘coins.’ For bitcoins there are only 21 million bitcoins in circulation. However, it is common and scaled by selling bitcents. When bitcoin becomes larger and is more common for many people right now, you won’t buy whole bitcoins, they’re in between 13,000 and 18,000 at any given moment.

But buying bitcents allows you to invest without investing too much.

What does all this have to do with Internet Marketing?

There are two clear ways that cryptocurrencies and internet marketing are intertwining. The first way is purely educational and informational. The second can potentially change the way Internet Marketing is conducted on a day-to-day basis.

Informational & Educational

The Public Ledger & Page Authority

The Public Ledger works as a way of validating and increasing the value of the crypto. This is eerily similar to the way that Page Authority validates a website through SEO. The concept that logging IPs, tracking user time, and click-through rates on a page are stunning similarities between the two.

Similar to how cryptocurrencies work, internet marketing would not work without an online marketplace.

How it will Change the Internet Market

Packet Switching. Block Chaining.

Packet switching and block chaining are the real reason why these systems exist, and it’s also the only part that isn’t completely integrated with a lot of Internet Marketers back pockets yet.

Packet Switching is the process of computers exchanging data autonomously. It’s how the public ledger works so well and is validated by not having to deal with human error.

Block chaining is the literal information being traded between two parties. This structure will stick around forever and is part of the threads that weave the fabric of cryptocurrencies.

How will these be integrated into Internet Marketing?

Block Chaining is going to be a necessity for backlinking and cross-linking between sites. You can already see rudimentary elements of it through websites like Gawkers Media network and Vice’s network as well.

But Block chaining will be incredibly important for keeping customers and clients within the webs that you create and eventually you can program them to be autonomous.

Packet Switching is already incredibly important for the future of A.I. content and SEO. Recently an Israeli company successfully transferred cargo from China to Canada solely from Packet Switching and Automation.

The technology is here to make it so bots will find all the necessary information themselves for streamlined communication. It’s merely up to us to fashion the tools into something that will further Internet Marketing.

Will There Be Retail Stores in 5 Years?

Why Retail Stores are in Danger

Regardless of what your personal buying patterns are, retail stores are being attacked and will likely begin to close down.

The Amazon Affront – Amazon has made it incredibly easy for anyone to buy what they need online and have it shipped to their home. Since most things people buy are non-essential, it is more convenient and often more cost-effective to buy through Amazon and wait the two days for it to arrive at their door.

The K-Mart Effect – Target vs. Wal-Mart. Now that Amazon has taken the ‘want-to-buy’ out of the equation, the only thing left is the ‘need-to-buy.’ Subtracting smaller retail chains like commercial chains and designer chains (think Ross and the Banana Republic respectively) you are left with the K-Mart Effect.

When people want to go for cheap supermarkets, they go to Wal-Mart, when they want something a little more upscale and enjoyable, they go to Target. When you’re K-Mart, you can’t be both, and you can’t be either, so their sales suffer while the other flourish off the indecisive.

Will Retail Stores Be Non-Existent In 5 Years?

What defines a Retail Store – Retail stores are brick-and-mortar establishment that sells goods to customers. Think of Marshall’s, Ross, Tuesday Morning, and also the bigger groups like Walmart and Target.

How Immediate Are These Effects?

Technology moves quickly. Most people are starting to transition over to buying things online exclusively. When you include businesses such as Carvana (which has a business model of selling cars to people online and towing it to their home), it’s easy to see how quickly the Internet moves.

While I do think that Retail stores will be gone in time, I don’t think they will ever be completely gone, and I would suspect total dominance by 2050.

The New K-Mart Effect

No longer Target vs. Walmart. The concept is no longer about your Walmarts and your Targets. Now it’s a matter of what platforms will work better for you?

It’s going to be more like Etsy vs. Amazon.

Do you work with the online retailer that gives you endless benefits and great prices? Or do you go for authenticity and original creations from people you can relate with?

Mom & Pop vs. Amazon – The crux of the debate for retail stores existing has to do with people vs. a conglomeration. If you want to see what the future of retail looks like, don’t look for clothes and retail, look to the local grocers.

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores vs. Farmers Markets

For years grocery stores have been slowly gobbled up by larger grocery chains and establishing their market dominance. The only groups that seem to be able to maintain their identity have been deli’s which have always maintained their butchery roots.

However, with the boom of grassroots movements and the streamlined communication of the Internet; Farmer’s Markets have begun to thrive again in a world where people are looking for the small, looking for the local, and looking to support anything other than big business.

Amazon Pantry & The Whole Foods Acquisition

But Big Business has arrived. Many people now can order their staple goods from Amazon Pantry and have it delivered to their door. The usage of the Dash button removes the need for a computer to order more of the items you use on a regular basis. The only thing that Amazon was lacking was the ability to compete with perishables such as milk, produce, and meat.

Exit Whole Foods. With the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon continues its march into the market of grocery stores. Now they have convenience, and they are streamlining the inconvenient part under their own umbrella while making it a better option for everyone involved. Workers from Whole Foods receive the same benefits as Amazon employees and prices have dropped now that the company has a stable backing of income. If the worker wins and the buyer wins, does anyone lose?

What We Think

“As the world turns to tech, I believe that retail stores will not exist in 5 years. It’s just easier, more affordable and more convenient to purchase your goods online.”Chad Kodary, Chief Executive Officer

Will there be Retail stores in 5 years? I believe so. I think that the slow spread of Amazon across the marketplace will prove to be too fruitful an investment for most Americans and that eventually, they will become the dominant force for anything you could ever want in America.

With their future patents on flying warehouses, drone delivery services, and in-store, cashless shopping for groceries, they have the resources and the capabilities to become the all-encompassing everything that the country needs.

They’re cornering the online streaming services with their Amazon prime shows that you can watch on your Fire TV. Maybe you’ll sit down on your AmazonBasics couch and watch it with your family while eating some great pasta made with Rotini delivered to you and milk you got from the store; it didn’t take long, you just had to run in and grab it and Amazon already charged your account before you left the doors. Life in the Concrete Jungle is going to be much easier when you realize you’re in the Amazon.

Are Videos the Future of Content Marketing?

For many years marketers have said that “Content is King.” But based on growing trends of the last few years, it seems that a prince has taken the throne. Video Content is the future of Marketing and SEO as we know it.

Written Content Isn’t Dead, But it is Sick

Written Content has remained a strong service for many online marketing companies, but the fact is that written content isn’t as strong as it used to be and it might never be that strong again. Two noticeable symptoms affecting written contents health are automation and innovation.

  • Automation – Automation is currently generating the majority of the written content on the Internet. It’s hard to see the true value of a well-written article when machines can easily churn out dozens of articles in the time it takes for a person to write one.
  • Innovation – With the recent innovations in graphics, videos, and other software mediums, it’s become increasingly easy for people to generate these multimedia solutions. What used to be supplementary to blogs has now made blogs supplementary to them.

Video Marketing Is Emerging

Video marketing is emerging because anyone and everyone has a camera and has something to say. Businesses can invest in creating vlogs and live streams to convey their brand image and business ideals instead of having to plot out and seriously write out a convincing argument.

It’s easier now more than ever to get into video marketing because the quality is optional and vlogs make the platform easy to break into.

  • Quality doesn’t have to be Relevant – Everyone has a camera, and most people don’t have a great camera which means it’s okay to create a video with low-quality materials if you are creating high-quality content. As long as you are authentic, people will watch your material.
  • The Vlog Boom – The huge surge in people doing Vlogs on YouTube have made the platform easy to be a part of. Anyone can sit down and stop and shoot a vlog and have the potential to go viral if their message is true.

How A Unison Is Formed.

Just because written content is sharing the spotlight doesn’t mean it’s completely gone for it will probably never be completely gone. People will always need to read something because that’s what the fine print is for. But here’s how having written content marketers can make your videos better.

  • Adding Structure and Cohesion – One of the best benefits of working with your Content Writer to your video staff is through the usage of Structure and Cohesion. Content Writers will concentrate and coordinate your thoughts which help keep the message streamlined.
  • Reinserting the Clever – One of the biggest losses for many writers is their wit when writing articles. Many things that sound funny aloud doesn’t sound funny on paper. Thanks to Video being an auditory medium, many writers can more easily inject wit and humor into pieces again which help establish the brand image easily.

Social Agency & Video Marketing

Social Agency recognizes that the future is with Video Marketing and have already begun changing our office to incorporate that. If you are ready to boost the importance of your website or business in the online marketplace, give us a call today!

Working with Google Certified Partners

What are Google Partners?

Google Partners is a program provided by Google to validate that a company knows how to use AdWords comprehensively.

Often these courses are intensive and cover a broad spectrum of the entire suite of Alphabets (Google’s parent company) services: Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, Display Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

For example, we are Google Partners, and we currently hold certifications in Search Advertising, Video Advertising, and Display Advertising.

Our Search Advertising specialists can help you create and optimize ads that show up on Google Search with the proper keyword strategy and budget planning. While the Video Advertising team can assist with the implementation and optimization of your video ad campaigns on YouTube.

Finally, our certified Display Advertising team members can help you create compelling visual ads that can help you reach potential customers on over two million websites and 650,000 apps

Why should you work with Social Agency?

Frequent Communication With Google – We are regularly in contact with Google when it comes to maintaining our client’s campaigns. The frequency with which we make our conversations makes it much easier for us to manage your account than other agencies that won’t be certified or handle the volume that we do.

Proven Education – When you pass the course that Google made to teach people better how to use their program, you can guarantee that the service and results will be better than if you hired an uncertified campaign manager. The education not only makes creating your campaign faster, but it helps everyone involved avoid pitfalls and common errors that the uneducated managers will fall into.

Experienced – Finally, working through and understanding the Google Certification Program makes you better through experience. With practical examples and in-program tutorials, countless features are integrated into our learning.

We specialize in PPC and SEO campaigns and get proven results for every client that signs up with us.

Backlinking Fundamentals

What are Backlinks?

People starting out in SEO, whether for their businesses or otherwise, think that generating dynamic content alone will give their websites the edge it needs. But like most things in life, networking and connections will help your content gain traction in the search results. You can only get those connections with backlinks.

“Simply, a backlink is one website mentioning another website and linking to it.” The E Design

See? That’s a backlink. I’m writing an article about backlinks, and I recognize that the website listed above has a great article on backlinks. So in the context of this blog article, I mention that website and link to it.

Not only is this great for my readers to get further information on backlinks and test my sources, but it also gives them Authority.

What is Authority?

Authority has been briefly mentioned before in another blog article (read here.) But Authority is the strength a website has on the internet or how much of authority they are on the matter. Ultimately there are two kinds of authority: Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is how much trust the website by itself has on a subject. For example, Wikipedia maintains a 100/100 Domain Authority because everyone goes there and recognizes it as a valid source of information.

Page Authority becomes a little more interesting. Page authority is how much authority a certain page has on a website. Most of the time, page authority will be lower than domain authority, and it represents how much trust that specific page has.

While the comprehensive factors that determine authority are a hidden process protected by Moz, there are many different factors such as backlinks, content length and other factors such as social media linking that are harder to determine.

How do you get Backlinks?

Ultimately, backlinks are hard to get. The best way to get backlinks is to be an authority on the matter. The more comprehensive your page can be on the matter, the more likely it will be backlinked to and viewed. But here are a few ways to get backlinks.

Social Media – The easiest way to share your content and potentially get backlinks is to use social media and gain viewership. By following hashtags and creating hype around a page you can get people to share it.

Referrals/Affiliate Marketing – This is a questionable way to get backlinks. This process involves contacting someone and offering compensation for them to affiliate themselves with your page and get other people to link out to your website. This is questionable because there are two kinds of links that go outward: follow and nofollow links, and Google requires that if you do affiliate marketing that the links be nofollow.

The NoFollow Conundrum

What gives Authority it’s power comes from bots that crawl websites. The most famous one is GoogleBot of course. Googlebot comes across a link and decides to either follow the link out or not, if they follow it, that authority from your website transfers to the one you references. (In this case, some of our websites authority has transferred out to The E Design.)

<a href=” target=”blankrel=”nofollow“>Social Agency, Inc.</a>

What Exactly is a NoFollow Link?
When you mark a link as NoFollow, that means that Google will not follow that link through. Thus, when you link with a nofollow attribute, the authority will not transfer through.

Do they still work?
Linking out and receiving authority will raise your rankings for sure. But there is still the practical aspect of people see a link, and they want to click it to learn more. They have the opportunity of linking out to your page and sharing it on Social Media. So the process still works.

Why are there Nofollows in the first place?
They want to have people honestly honor the follow/nofollow process. By paying to have someone give you follow links, it makes the search engine tilted towards those who are paying more as opposed to generating the superior content.

Social Agency

Social Agency is always creating dynamic content that is shareable and increases your social media presence. We believe that finely crafted content is the basis for successful websites on the internet.

How To Do Proper Keyword Research

Keywords, in their original definition, are defined as ‘words the act as keys to code.’ While that is not the definition anymore, it does shine some light as to why it is used today. Keywords, also known as key phrases, are what people search for when they are looking something up.

When someone goes into their search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), they are searching for information based on a specific keyword. What they are searching for is basically what every internet marketer in the world is looking for.

The search engines will take that phrase and scour the internet in search of what they desire. Depending on how many pages until that user finds their link or changes their phrase will correct these search engines into creating a more accurate result.

For example, the most common example of which people can see why search engines have a problem are when movies based on books are released. If you were to load up Google and search for ‘Doctor Strange’ right now, you would immediately find results for recent movie times, the Wikipedia to the character itself, the official Twitter for the film, the film’s Wikipedia, and then the IMDB page.

This emergence of the film has changed the search result of Doctor Strange, and Google is doing its best to accommodate. So how does this factor in with Keyword Research? Because Google factors on relevance as much as they do the keyword itself.

You can’t simply find the keyword with the most traction and have it apply to your website. You must find what your website specifically offers and cater to that keyword. The relevance of the keyword to your business is more important than the keyword itself.

How To Find Relevant Keywords

First, you know your business better than anyone. You are the best source of information when it comes to what you and your business provide. So write down all of the descriptive words and phrases that are about your business specifically.

Next, it is time to begin using our tools. If you sign up for an Adwords account (which is free), you will have access to tools that will help you. We are going to specifically talk about finding relevant keywords for our company, Social Agency.

Using our website as a template, we will show you how to do proper keyword research.

So after you have made your account with Google AdWords, it is time to access your keyword planner to find great keywords. The easiest way to access it is to Google Keyword Planner, or if you want to click the link below, either work.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner

The keyword planner should look like the image below. There are two specific menu items we are going to focus on today, the first and the second option. One gives us keywords based on our website, the other based on keywords that we are looking for. So grab URL and fill out the form as such.

Filling out ‘Your Product or Service’ is optional in my opinion. I do not think it alters enough of the given keywords besides isolating the one you are already trying to rank for. For the sake of this explanation, I will include it.

As you can see from our page, build out they are suggesting some pretty big numbers. Readouts such as ‘Internet marketing,’ ‘web design,’ and ‘online marketing’ are all relevant to our company.

The competition score here means that there are many people basing their pages off of these keywords specifically. The tab next to that says ‘Suggested Bid’ which means how much they recommend if you are going to launch a PPC, or pay-per-click, campaign.

So the good news is that we have found great relevant keywords. The bad news is that it will take years to rank for those keywords and the people at the top are working just as hard to stay there. So how can we find equally relevant keywords that are easier to attain?

What Is The Longtail Keyword?

The longtail keyword is a trade term for keywords that are extremely specific for one market. The concept is that if you were to graph all of the monthly searches that Google has it would have a fat head and a long tail.

The fat head is common searches and resemble 20% of the search volume. These are phrases such as brand names (Facebook, Google) and hugely requested items (Paper and Pencils.)

But the longtail is 70% of the searches, and these are either small keywords or keywords that have never even been searched before. These exist because you do not usually see ‘Google has found no results’ anymore. This is because Google always has results to find based on the content of the website.

So if we can generate longtail keywords for our website we can find markets that are attainable for us to achieve.

How to find Longtail Keywords?

So for me, I use Which you can see an example of it to the right. So you can see it is broken up into three distinct areas, Primary, Descriptive, and Modifier keywords.

Continuing with our example of Social Agency, I am going to go back and use those keywords I mentioned before: Internet Marketing, Web Design, and Online Marketing.

Next, it says that we should use descriptive words if we have different variations of our product. Well, we also offer our services on mobile devices. We also offer deals on website packages, so I will use inexpensive and cheap. I also want to show that we are good so I will use the word quality and great. It cannot hurt to add more adjectives.

Finally, we come to Modifier keywords, which are terms such as buy, or for sale, or price. These apply, so I am going to go ahead and keep buy and for sale.

Since people enjoy going to places in person, I am going to include the city nearest to me to see if anything comes up. So I am going to add ‘Fort Lauderdale’ and just for good measure ‘in Fort Lauderdale.’

So my list ends up looking like this, which isn’t that much. We are going to hit the ‘Generate My Keywords’ button and we will receive a page layout that looks like the image shown below.

How to Search for Longtail Keywords

Now that we have our longtail keywords, it is time to explore the second option in Keyword Planner. We are going to highlight all of the longtail keywords and copy them. Then we are going to open up the keyword planner and click the tab that reads ‘Get Search Volume and Trends’ which should look like this.

Fill the box with all of those longtail keywords by pasting them into the open field, then press ‘Get Search Results.’

Now we have much more keywords that are relevant to us and achievable. Terms such as ‘Mobile Website Design,’ ‘Great Website Design,’ and the variants ‘Web Design Fort Lauderdale’ & ‘Fort Lauderdale Web Design;’ will help us immensely.


This is the same way that we do our keyword research for most of our clients. Google is arguably the most powerful tool for keyword research on the market though there are others.

Companies such as Moz, Raven Tools, and Bing have their keyword tools that can help you find keywords that are relevant and trending for your business.

By using Google, you are receiving the keywords straight from the source. Longtail Generator is a powerful tool that will smash together as many different keywords as you see fit. Using the two of them together can help you find the keywords that work best for your website.

If you feel as though this is too much work or not worth the hassle, give us a call. We have been providing internet marketing in Fort Lauderdale (see) for several years and constantly work to put our clients on the top of the search engines.

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