What are Backlinks?

People starting out in SEO, whether for their businesses or otherwise, think that generating dynamic content alone will give their websites the edge it needs. But like most things in life, networking and connections will help your content gain traction in the search results. You can only get those connections with backlinks.

“Simply, a backlink is one website mentioning another website and linking to it.” The E Design

See? That’s a backlink. I’m writing an article about backlinks, and I recognize that the website listed above has a great article on backlinks. So in the context of this blog article, I mention that website and link to it.

Not only is this great for my readers to get further information on backlinks and test my sources, but it also gives them Authority.

What is Authority?

Authority has been briefly mentioned before in another blog article (read here.) But Authority is the strength a website has on the internet or how much of authority they are on the matter. Ultimately there are two kinds of authority: Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is how much trust the website by itself has on a subject. For example, Wikipedia maintains a 100/100 Domain Authority because everyone goes there and recognizes it as a valid source of information.

Page Authority becomes a little more interesting. Page authority is how much authority a certain page has on a website. Most of the time, page authority will be lower than domain authority, and it represents how much trust that specific page has.

While the comprehensive factors that determine authority are a hidden process protected by Moz, there are many different factors such as backlinks, content length and other factors such as social media linking that are harder to determine.

How do you get Backlinks?

Ultimately, backlinks are hard to get. The best way to get backlinks is to be an authority on the matter. The more comprehensive your page can be on the matter, the more likely it will be backlinked to and viewed. But here are a few ways to get backlinks.

Social Media – The easiest way to share your content and potentially get backlinks is to use social media and gain viewership. By following hashtags and creating hype around a page you can get people to share it.

Referrals/Affiliate Marketing – This is a questionable way to get backlinks. This process involves contacting someone and offering compensation for them to affiliate themselves with your page and get other people to link out to your website. This is questionable because there are two kinds of links that go outward: follow and nofollow links, and Google requires that if you do affiliate marketing that the links be nofollow.

The NoFollow Conundrum

What gives Authority it’s power comes from bots that crawl websites. The most famous one is GoogleBot of course. Googlebot comes across a link and decides to either follow the link out or not, if they follow it, that authority from your website transfers to the one you references. (In this case, some of our websites authority has transferred out to The E Design.)

<a href=”https://www.socialagencyinc.com/ target=”blankrel=”nofollow“>Social Agency, Inc.</a>

What Exactly is a NoFollow Link?
When you mark a link as NoFollow, that means that Google will not follow that link through. Thus, when you link with a nofollow attribute, the authority will not transfer through.

Do they still work?
Linking out and receiving authority will raise your rankings for sure. But there is still the practical aspect of people see a link, and they want to click it to learn more. They have the opportunity of linking out to your page and sharing it on Social Media. So the process still works.

Why are there Nofollows in the first place?
They want to have people honestly honor the follow/nofollow process. By paying to have someone give you follow links, it makes the search engine tilted towards those who are paying more as opposed to generating the superior content.

Social Agency

Social Agency is always creating dynamic content that is shareable and increases your social media presence. We believe that finely crafted content is the basis for successful websites on the internet.

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