Are Videos the Future of Content Marketing?

For many years marketers have said that “Content is King.” But based on growing trends of the last few years, it seems that a prince has taken the throne. Video Content is the future of Marketing and SEO as we know it.

Written Content Isn’t Dead, But it is Sick

Written Content has remained a strong service for many online marketing companies, but the fact is that written content isn’t as strong as it used to be and it might never be that strong again. Two noticeable symptoms affecting written contents health are automation and innovation.

  • Automation – Automation is currently generating the majority of the written content on the Internet. It’s hard to see the true value of a well-written article when machines can easily churn out dozens of articles in the time it takes for a person to write one.
  • Innovation – With the recent innovations in graphics, videos, and other software mediums, it’s become increasingly easy for people to generate these multimedia solutions. What used to be supplementary to blogs has now made blogs supplementary to them.

Video Marketing Is Emerging

Video marketing is emerging because anyone and everyone has a camera and has something to say. Businesses can invest in creating vlogs and live streams to convey their brand image and business ideals instead of having to plot out and seriously write out a convincing argument.

It’s easier now more than ever to get into video marketing because the quality is optional and vlogs make the platform easy to break into.

  • Quality doesn’t have to be Relevant – Everyone has a camera, and most people don’t have a great camera which means it’s okay to create a video with low-quality materials if you are creating high-quality content. As long as you are authentic, people will watch your material.
  • The Vlog Boom – The huge surge in people doing Vlogs on YouTube have made the platform easy to be a part of. Anyone can sit down and stop and shoot a vlog and have the potential to go viral if their message is true.

How A Unison Is Formed.

Just because written content is sharing the spotlight doesn’t mean it’s completely gone for it will probably never be completely gone. People will always need to read something because that’s what the fine print is for. But here’s how having written content marketers can make your videos better.

  • Adding Structure and Cohesion – One of the best benefits of working with your Content Writer to your video staff is through the usage of Structure and Cohesion. Content Writers will concentrate and coordinate your thoughts which help keep the message streamlined.
  • Reinserting the Clever – One of the biggest losses for many writers is their wit when writing articles. Many things that sound funny aloud doesn’t sound funny on paper. Thanks to Video being an auditory medium, many writers can more easily inject wit and humor into pieces again which help establish the brand image easily.

Social Agency & Video Marketing

Social Agency recognizes that the future is with Video Marketing and have already begun changing our office to incorporate that. If you are ready to boost the importance of your website or business in the online marketplace, give us a call today!

Matt Fowler

Matthias Fowler has been working with Social Agency since July 2016. Currently, he is studying for his Bachelor's in Internet Entrepreneurship and Management while working on his second novel. When he isn't working, he is spending his time with his Fiancée, Hazel.

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