It is an exciting prospect; you are prepping your online business to take off finally. But this is your first outing into the world of online business and are unsure as to what to do, or more importantly what to avoid, to be successful.

To ensure that you are prepared for such an auspicious event we at Social Agency would like to give you some tips on some mistakes that should be avoided for your new business venture to take off running.

What Business Tactics Should You Avoid

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff – Being in control and making sure everything is going off without a hitch is vital for a new business owner, but be sure you stay in power. Putting all of your focus on your new logo or your business cards not looking exactly how you wanted, though annoying do not require too much of your time. You should be focusing on tasks that your business needs to be completed to push itself forward.
  2. Be careful with your money – Though you are planning on making quite the return with your online business taking off and elevating you to new heights of income and business prestige, remember your current financial standings. Make sure you have a plan for recovering the funds you put into your company start-up.
  3. Too many “Free Samples” – Though it may seem like the right way to rope in potential clientele you want to be careful when it comes to giving out free samples. They may be free for others, for you they are another piece of merchandise that cost you money.
  4. Not understanding the time and effort – Do not underestimate the amount of time and effort it will take not only to get your online business off the ground but the attention you will have to devote to it to keep it afloat. Additional jobs will take the focus away from your new business needs from you.
  5. Having someone else run your online business – This is your business. You need to be in charge, hands-on and be the first person to do anything within the company. You should be the one deciding the company’s agendas, vendors, schedules, etc.

Starting up a new company is not easy, and will require a lot of attention, effort, and it may seem like you cannot do it. But you need to push through these doubts, nothing ever worth having will come easy.

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