10 Reasons why SEO is Vital for your Business

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is an absolute necessity for the growth of your business. By creating a website and optimizing it for search engines, you can be more retrievable in the online marketplace than if you didn’t have it at all

While some people like to claim that SEO is dead, the fact is that it has never been more alive than at this very moment! A recent study by Nielsen confirms that smartphones are dominating the market for people aged 18 to 34 and more.

Nielsen Media Study Infographic

Fewer people are moving to the internet for their source of attention. So with phones and computers destroying television, there is less focus on television ads, and there are more of a focus on the internet.

What better way to get your name in the sky than with Search Engine Optimization?

Ten Reasons Why SEO is Vital

  1. Increase your Online Presence
  2. Boost Traffic to Your Site
  3. Increase Sales (In eCommerce Sites)
  4. Beat your Competitors (Who are already using SEO)
  5. Pays for Itself (Based on ROI)
  6. Vital for an Efficient and Effective Website!
  7. Increases the credibility of your Site
  8. Builds your Company as a Brand!
  9. Trackable Results!
  10. SEO Can Beat Paid Traffic

Wait, Really?!

A study from Moz, from 2008, shows that overall organic traffic can produce 5 to 6 times as many clicks to a website than PPC campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization vs Pay Per Click Advertising

While this doesn’t imply the same thing for conversion rates, since PPC had 1.5x the conversion rate than organic, it did raise an interesting question for this. When you combine the cost of SEO v.s. The Cost of PPC, SEO costs 1/8th the cost of PPC.

Over time, which one is going to be more useful to use. PPC, while able to generate immediate traffic and leads, will not create a lasting page with authority in the search results.

SEO However will increase your Google rankings and keep you there regardless of the top ‘Ad’ spot. The only way to stay at the top of the search results is to fight for your spot there.

Matt Fowler

Matthias Fowler has been working with Social Agency since July 2016. Currently, he is studying for his Bachelor's in Internet Entrepreneurship and Management while working on his second novel. When he isn't working, he is spending his time with his Fiancée, Hazel.

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