Working with Google Certified Partners

By June 7, 2017Websites

What are Google Partners

Google Partners is a program provided by Google to validate that a company knows how to use AdWords comprehensively. Often these courses are intensive and cover broad spectrums of the entire suite of Alphabets (Google’s parent company) services: Search Listings, Google Fundamentals, Video Ads, etc.

For example, we are Google Partners, and we currently hold certifications in both Search Listings and Google Fundamentals.

While being Google Partners is great, it certainly isn’t a requirement for hiring a PPC Manager. Would you rather spend your valuable ad money on someone who isn’t certified and possibly doesn’t even know how to use the platform properly?

Why should you work with Social Agency?

google certified partnersFrequent communication with Google – We are regularly in contact with Google when it comes to maintaining our client’s campaigns. The frequency with which we make our conversations makes it much easier for us to manage your account than other agencies that won’t be certified or handle the volume that we do.

Proven Education – When you pass the course that Google made to teach people better how to use their program, you can guarantee that the service and results will be better than if you hired an uncertified campaign manager. The education not only makes creating your campaign faster, but it helps everyone involved avoid pitfalls and common errors that the uneducated managers will fall into.

Experienced – Finally, working through and understanding the Google Certification Program makes you better through experience. With practical examples and in-program tutorials, countless features are integrated into our learning.

We specialize in PPC and SEO campaigns and get proven results for every client that signs up with us. If you would like to know more about our company or our services, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (888) 706-8678



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