Cell phones are becoming the dominant market for internet browsing. Every website that we create can be easily viewed on mobile, tablet, and monitor format. It is time to mobilize your website.

Mobile Website Design Company

Mobile phones are viewed at an average of over 3 hours daily. Users are playing games, texting, and browsing through their phones more than ever. If you want your website to survive in this market, you are going to need a website that will convert from horizontal to vertical screens with ease, and our web developers can do that seamlessly!

Our team of mobile marketers will draw up a strategy outline, profile for your audience, and design a campaign. From there the developers will specially design your site to fit the criteria for the mobile team. Once the website is developed, we will be able to deliver mobile-specific reports and tracking.

Understand The Process

Your Mobile Website Features


Mobile to Monitor

Our developers create the website with mobile in mind. With this focus, we ensure that your website will be mobile friendly and able to seamlessly transition from phone to tablet to monitor.


Demographic Targeting

We develop comprehensive analyses of client’s and track their click rate, view time, and conversion rate. All of these tools are integrated into the mobile site by default so we can access it at any time.


Push Campaigns

Mobile specific campaigns and offers for those who wish to maximize their mobile efficiency. These push campaigns can reach people when they are looking for a service such as yours and can turn them into customers.

Mobile Website Integration

The mobile market is getting bigger every year. Every business will eventually be required to have a website and possibly even a mobile app. By signing up with Social Agency, we promise that we will satisfy all of your mobile website design needs for the future.

  • Designed for every type of user
  • Elegant and beautiful for every viewer
  • Designed to function properly on all devices
  • Optimized for Google ranking and conversion rates

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I have a local plumbing company in Hollywood do called Everyone's Plumber. When we hired Social agency to do our local SEO we knew we went with the right company. The social agency team is very trustworthy and loyal to me, and for that I always recommend them. I've been working with them for over a year on increasing my online visibility, and I must say we have succeeded. Yes it took a bit of time, but that was the expectations that my sales rep told me when we first started, and he was on point. Thanks for all the hard Ori guys and looking for a long lasting relationship!

Daniel SeabagEveryone's Plumber

These guys know their stuff! Our company Top Notch Movers in Fort Lauderdale has been working with Social Agency for over 3 years. One thing I like is that everyone on their team has a specialty. Full of awesome SEO, graphics, web and social media experts. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to work with them. You can even call me for a reference!

Hen SegalTop Notch Movers
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