Custom graphics are an essential part of our content at Social Agency. Your social media campaigns, your brand management packages, and even your content will have tailored graphics that add vitality to your website!

Graphic Design Agency

The Graphic Design team at the social agency are experienced designers who have worked in the field for years. You will find that several brand names, logos, and icons that you’ve seen have had one of their helping hands in creating.

When you are designing custom graphics and logos, you are standing out against your competitors. We work to put your personal mark on every page we design with you. Your brand, your logo, your business, will all come to life through the graphics.

Understand The Process

Our Custom Graphics


We create a palette that coincides with your products and services. Using color theory, we use your site as a canvas that attracts the viewers and holds their attention.


Having a logo means having an image. People recognize and identify with icons. Working with us, we create memorable icons and images that bring your name to client’s mind.

Custom Images

Blog posts, social media, and page headers. All of these can merely be words and images on a page, but with our custom graphics, they come to life.

Benefits of Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics are integral to running a well-maintained website. Not only will we create these images from scratch, but they will also remain yours. Every image and icon our graphic design team creates for you will be yours forever and shape the way your business is presented to the world.

  • Your pages and content will stand out against your peers
  • Your brand and logo will be something that builds trust over time
  • No page will be boring or drab, your site will sing with functionality
  • Having custom images provides originality for your company

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I have a local plumbing company in Hollywood do called Everyone's Plumber. When we hired Social agency to do our local SEO we knew we went with the right company. The social agency team is very trustworthy and loyal to me, and for that I always recommend them. I've been working with them for over a year on increasing my online visibility, and I must say we have succeeded. Yes it took a bit of time, but that was the expectations that my sales rep told me when we first started, and he was on point. Thanks for all the hard Ori guys and looking for a long lasting relationship!

Daniel SeabagEveryone's Plumber

These guys know their stuff! Our company Top Notch Movers in Fort Lauderdale has been working with Social Agency for over 3 years. One thing I like is that everyone on their team has a specialty. Full of awesome SEO, graphics, web and social media experts. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to work with them. You can even call me for a reference!

Hen SegalTop Notch Movers
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