Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services come in various forms. At Social Agency we can help you with any form that you need, may it be a new design for a printed item, a company logo, or a complete website redesign. Our goal is to make sure that you’re happy and that your company is represented just the way you envision it to be. We will work with you to make sure all of your unique design needs are met and executed both professionally and beautifully.

Our Graphic Design Services

  • Logos
  • Ad’s
  • Websites
  • Printing Materials
  • Social Media
  • Product Labels
  • Wall Graphics
  • + More


10 Graphic Design Techniques We Stand By:

1. Think of Your Audience

Who will be looking at this design? What do they like? How do you want them to feel?

2. Organize

We sketch your content out with a pen and pad. Tell your story. Set up easy to scan areas. Remember we are trained to read left to right.

3. Hook it Up

What’s your hook? We use a theme or some sort of design element to make it memorable.

4. Keep it Simple

Your message is what’s most important. We don’t let design overpower content.

5. Color it Right

Color brings out emotions. We use proper colors for the mood you want to create. We don’t use too many colors in your design.

6. Photoshop Filters

The key to Photoshop filters is subtlety. We try not to go too heavy on the filters.

7. Typography

We all love typography, unfortunately we have to limit ourselves. Just a few that go well with your design. We make sure important info is easy to read.

8. White Space

We make sure your logos, art and photos have adequate space around them. Don’t clutter.

9. Don’t be too Stocky

We all know when people are using stock photos. We try and keep them a little less obvious.

10. Print Out Print Work

If your final piece is going to a printer, be sure to print a full-size test beforehand. Things looks a lot different on screen than they do printed.

“Our designers know they have achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”

If it’s been years since the last time you changed your company’s graphics, you might want to consider a redesign. Why? Well, like all things in life…things change! Customers get tired of the same old design after some time and may start to think of your company as outdated or stuck in the old times. A new look, new images, updated logo, revised color scheme, etc. let’s your customers know that you are constantly working towards progression. It’s an easy way of letting your customers know that you care about their opinion and you want to give them a great new modern look to love!