Direct mail is a shadow of its former self. More people are likely to read a well-formatted email than a best seller. Custom email Campaigns, Trackable Response Times, and Comprehensive Feedback Reports are given to you with our complete email Marketing Package.

Email Marketing Agency

Email campaigns are an excellent way to touch base with current clients and potentially find new ones through submissions, social media, and other outlets. The Analytics team receives feedback regarding read time, engagement, conversion rate, and more. With this information, we can track what works and use that to optimize each email until we have created a perfect formula for your business.

Our production team works with our analytics team to create a strategy to pull customers and turn them over to purchasing. They create custom graphics and tailored content that engages the readers and converts them into customers on your website. With Social Agency, you will receive email campaigns that have a lasting impression.

Understand The Process

Proven Email Marketing Strategy

Email Design

Each of our emails is custom designed to your company and your future clients. We create specific content for one audience then follow that up with eye-catching and complementing graphics. Upon your approval, we are ready to launch the campaign. .svg

Organized Campaign

Each campaign receives extensive scheduling and a calendar for optimal timing. With our software, we can create extensive networks that work with each clients conversion or bounce rate to improve their likelihood of conversion.

Thorough Reports & Tracking

There are several reports that we track that shows when a viewer drops off and when a client signs on. We use this information always to improve on the emails content, design, layout, interface, etc. We will polish your email campaign to perfection.

Proven Results for our Campaigns

Our strategy is proven across multiple clients of ours throughout the years. Our ‘Recursion’ email plan is the fastest way to connecting with as many customers as possible while boosting your online presence with our email marketing program. This formula is the most tried and tested method on the market.

  • We put you in direct contact with many viewers inquiring about your site
  • Every design and word on your email are made specifically for you
  • We find the winning strategy for converting viewers into customers
  • With tracking, you will have the highest conversions at a low cost

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Email Marketing Review

"Very happy with the service and quality of material. They work around the clock to get your needs done ASAP. I have being using this company for about 3 years, and never had any problem. Keep it up !!!"

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